MONTAUK BLUFFS      38" x 80" 

MONTAUK BLUFFS      38" x 80" 




The East End of Long Island NY, the Hampton's, is known for it's exquisite light and diverse landscape. This series of images captures the beauty of this landscape in ultraHD prints in custom sizes up to 120" in width. Mounted behind plexi for a modern presentation.


This series of images explores Landmarks in a historical and cultural context. The use of the Holga camera with its trademark vignetting, slight distortion and other imperfections combined with the use of sepia toned silver gelatin prints are integral in the exploration of this theme.

Dick Tracy - cropped.jpg


The "Crime Fighters" series of lunch boxes connects us to our favorite pop culture crime fighters: Dick Tracy, Batman and Robin, Superman, the Green Hornet and more.  Create your own collection or make a statement with a grand scale print up to 80" in width. "Over and Out"